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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 18, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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wa watters world. >> down in florida i stayed in a brand name hotel and when i got the bill the place added more than 20% to the room rate and i had to pay a resort fee. don't know why. my room wasn't clean until 4 in the afternoon. so what's the resort fee exactly? then there were the taxes on everything. including taxes on the resort fee. the hotels are doing what the airlines do. want an extra towel? going to charge you for it. and in this place a bottle of water cost $6, a ripoff beyond belief. the factor tip of the day, when booking a hotel room, ask the room rate and the taxes and freeees together in writing by the way if the hotel gives you a free bottle of water in the room, that's a good place.
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factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web which is different from also, we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the the world. o', anytime, anytime, and the word of the day, do not be a pt ettifogger. >> and from all over the world and people saw it all over the place and nat geo bought killing kennedy and that movie is in production right now. and remember, the spin stops here, and we're dlooking out fo >> and tonight as the american economy burns, i am happy to report that president barack obama successfully completed his 116th round of
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golf since taking the oath for office and accomplished that that earlier today vacationing in florida on your dime and do so as we speak, more than 12 million americans are looking for work. there are 47 million families dependent on stood stamps, the national debt is a staggering 16 1/2 trillion dollars, 6 of which president obama tacked on by his lonesome. while he's busy working on his golf game, the march sequestration deadline is closer and closer 1.2 trillion in cuts will penalize our pentagon. and the round of golf played one day after our commander-in-chief found time in his busy schedule to hit the links with none other than serial philanderer tiger woods. and the first lady is taking advantage of the tax dollars, on a ski trip in colorado. as far as the outing with
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president obama and the world famous golfer don't expect to see any video, the white house prohibited from covering the anointed one's activities this weekend. the following statement released by ed henry from the white house correspondent's association. reporters have expressed extreme frustration to me having no access to the president of the united states' entire weekend. there's a very simple, but important principle we will continue to fight for today and in the days ahead. transparency. wait a minute, i think i remember a guy talking about the importance of transparency. oh, that's right, it's barack obama. >> let me say it as simply as i can, transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency. our commitment to all business means more than simply informing the american people about how decisions are made. it it means recognizing that government does not have all the answers and that public officials need to draw on what
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citizens know. >> sean: transparency and keep in mind that promise was made on his very first full day in office and it was broken each and every day since then, but since anybody has heard this, is anybody surprised by the president's behavior? after all, this is somebody who has had the nerve to take air force one to florida at a rate of 180,000 taxpayer dollars an hour in order to golf with tiger woods and did so one month after he cost taxpayers an estimated 7 million dollars to vacation in hawaii for christmas. in fact, our celebrity president has wasted an estimated 20 million dollars just on trips to hawaii alone since january of 2009. put very simply, this is a man who does not mean what he says. he wants to lecture all of you on paying your fair share and we all have to make sacrifices and he's not willing to walk the walk. let me cue up some of our dear leaders condescending comments about being fiscally responsible.
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and like you to remember it's your tax dollars frivolously sp spent by the most extravagant president. >> every day i think about everybody around the country and folks out there at the end of the month sitting at the kitchen table trying to figure out how am i going to make all of these bills. >> if we are he going to be serious about deficit reduction and debt reduction, then it's going to have to be a matter of shared sacrifice. >> when this recession began, many families sat around the kitchen table and tried to figure out where they could cut back and so have many businesses. >> if everybody is getting a fair shot, everybody has a chance to do better. >> simply put, it will i can at that balanced approach, shared sacrifice and a willingness to make choices on all our parts. >> many americans are sitting at the kitchen table, scanning the classifieds, and updating their resume's or sending out
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another job application, hoping that this time this will hear back from a potential employer. >> fair play and shared responsibility. >> we've got to have additional revenue so we have an approach where there's shared sacrifice and everybody is giving up something. >> sean: yeah, every day on the golf course you're thinking about shared sacrifice and everybody has given up something in in country, except, you mr. president. >> and guys, welcome back to "hannity." >> guys, thank you. billy cunningham, i see the smile on your face, tell me where the shared sacrifice of barack hussein obama. >> it's been 28 days since he was inaugurated. nuclear bombs are going off and dying in syria. since the second term began, 300,000 americans signed up for good stamps and borrowed
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128 billion dollars the last 28 days all he can do is send michelle "let them eat cake" in as spend and he's he with el tigre, and playing golf. and they had what was going on in the country and it's horrible, there could not be a worst start to a second administration. failed cabinet officials, golf rounds, let them eat cake? i'm playing golf and i'm going to trick everybody into believing i care about you. he remind me about clinton said about him being the most ethical president in american history. >> sean: penny, where is the shared sacrifice and we have to make unpopular choices and some austerity. he had a vacation a month ago. i worked most of my vacation over christmas. where is the sacrifice? >> and he's agreed to sacrifices and agreed to
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almost 2 trillion dollars worth of cuts. i know you're going to criticize it and he's agreed to that. >> sean: i'm talking about him. explain to me. people-- people need jobs, 50 million americans are on food stamps. >> and the last 30 months. >> sean: and he's hanging out thousand dollar an hour golf lessons, 180,000 plane trips, his wife goes on vacation there, and he goes there. and she goes to nantucket and he goes later. >> are you going to criticize the president for vacations. george w. bush the most vacationing president in history. >> sean: he went to his ranch, and stayed at his ranch. >> that's a vacation at taxpayer expense. if you want to criticize you have to-- >> the rounds of golf, you don't think-- >> george w. bush took over 178 days of vacation already at this point that barack obama 78, so if you want to do apples to apple. >> sean: and bicycle.
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>> and the president has a travelling white house-- >> and bicycle and stop flying around on the airplane we're paying for, billy cunningham. >> sean hannity has the fact na obama equals the rounds of golf at that george bush had in eight years and the circumstance tonight on the nbc nightly news i'm sure you didn't watch it. andrea mitchell did a story on this and the video was not obama playing one of his 116 rounds of golf. and the video nbc used was of president george bush playing golf. so the fact of the matter is the media doesn't get it. obama's arrogant and self-entitled and he's the american idol president and nothing's going to change because the media has their guy. it's a slobbering love affair and it's not going to end until 2013 and maybe, until he's done with the presidency and may not end then. he'll keep playing golf. >> sean: you know, penny lee, the economy contracted in the last quarter.
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we have one more quarter like that we're officially in recession, we've got higher unemployment than when he took office. 8 1/2 million americans in the labor force and 50 million on food stamps. don't you think you think there's an imbalance. >> sean, that's simply not true. when he had taken office and-- >> did you take a three week vacation over christmas. and mine was disrupted because of the fiscal cliff, i was happy. did you take a trip to hawaii. >> i went to see my mother. >> sean: who has vacations like this. >> there's a travelling white house and can address these things as best as they can, but he also-- >> with tiger on the golf course. >> and beholden what they can do in congress, a congress that recesses and also not-- >> you're not going to blame congress for his vacation schedule? >> and sean-- >> sean, as you know, george bush, ronald reagan and bill
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clinton-- >> 20 million dollars in trips to mooi hi in one term. >> that was where his home is. >> sean: 20 million dollars. he doesn't go to santa barbara, that's where his home is and that's where the president is going to take a little bit of time. >> chopped wood, you know, billy cunningham the last word. >> one other thing, the obama presidency is costing us more than 1 billion dollars a year because of his spending habits. imagine the british royal family is about 75 million. obama is 1.2 billion dollars a year. let em eat cake. it's the i am poorly presidency of the american idol. to hell with the working stiffs, obama's got his golf. >> sean: he's got his golf. he's got the airplane. he's got tiger woods. he he's got a $1,000 golf trips, he's not nantucket. and he's got hawaii everyone else can eat cake for dinner. >> let em eat cake. >> sean: let em eat cake, thanks, penny.
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>> thanks, sean. >> sean: what happened the night that four americans died in benghazi. tonight the definitive report what happened that night and we have two american hero experts. coming up next as christians around the world observe lent, "saturday night live" airs a skit portraying jesus christ nothing like you've seen before. is this comedy or blatant aokay on christianity and has "saturday night live" done this to muslim americans or muslims around the world?
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>> welcome back to "hannity." there's major outrage over a controversial skit that aired on "saturday night live" a trailer for a fake movie, jesus coming back to avenge his death and a killing rampage against the romans, it's bloody, violence and as christians around the world celebrate lent, it's offensive. and keep in mind we had to cut out the most gruesome parts here. >> get ready for the ultimate historical revenge fantasy. >> i'm back. >> he's risen from the dead. ♪
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>> critics are calling it a less violent "passion of the christ", never knsee jesus use t the "n" word. >> the nice jesus. >> sean: obviously, a takeoff of django unchanged. i wonder what the response would have been if the writers of "saturday night live" used the prophet muhammad, response would have been ten-fold and those responsible would have been packing up their office. and is there a double standard? >> oh, of course there is and i think, first of all, people need to understand something. jesus wants to be your lord ap savior, he doesn't want to blow you to kingdom come. look, sean, what we saw happen on saturday night was the worst example i've seen of anti-christian bigotry on network television and folks over at 30 rock ought to be ashamed of themselves. >> let's put on--
9:18 pm
because i think there's something that you've tapped into here and that is a double standard. would the people of "saturday night live," would they equally go after i'll use the muslim faith as an example. go after the prophet muhammad? >> i don't know, i would have no problem if they did. >> sean: you wouldn't, but would they do it? the answer is no. >> it's a comedy show you've got to lighten up a little bit. and-- >> and todd? >> they're cowards and terrified what happened in the event they did one of those skits bashing muhammad or for example, putting out a mock movie trailer, jihad undecimated. and people would go ballistic in new york city and it's outrageous what they did and sean, a few days ago, nbc had a reporter off the air, with the carnival cruise ship came in they had two young ladies one want today quote a bible verse on the air and that reporter cut her off and why, why in the middle--
9:19 pm
what does it tell you. >> sean: we've got the virgin mary and elephant dung thrown on the thing ap the crucifix submerged in urine which we also chronicled here on the program before and i think we have and put it up on the screen, but there is a double standard. i can also put up on the screen instances where, for example, we've had outrage, we've had, for example, in '02, we had pa example of the muslim cartoons, the danish cartoons and the koran burning and supposedly violence broke out because of a youtube video and salmon rushdy, and it's okay for a "saturday night live" make fun of jesus and christians, but not the prophet muhammad they don't have the courage for the backlash? >> as much as i thought the backlash over the prophet muhammad cartoons is absolutely ridiculous, i think
9:20 pm
you'll agree the same-- >> and why nbc, why is it acceptable only to go after christian? >> sean, it's open season on christians in this country and it's not just the networks, it happens in everyday life. for some reason we live in a culture believe it's okay to bash christians almost as if we deserve it. and we see the people coming off christianity. >> sean: what if they did go after the prophet muhammad? >> what if they did. >> sean: what if they did? what do you think they would have happened based on the prior preferences? >> i think massive outrage and people marching in the street and suspect the president would make a call to loren michaels, you've got to take it easy. >> sean: they can only offend one religion and not the other and they're pretty gutless and-- >> they're gutless cowards,
9:21 pm
you're absolutely right and we've got a trail of evidence proving that point. >> you guys are pretending it's so easy to be a muslim in this country and the christians so-- >> wait a minute, i would expect that if there is a comedy show, everything is fair game which i would be fine with, it's not fair game and first, they know they can get away with it. >> they've gone after muslim in the past going back to our friend dennis miller going after cat stevens when he converted in the 1980's, and i'm being followed by a big muslim to the tune of-- >> remember cat stevens and he was at jon stewart's rally for quote, insanity. and here is a guy, here is a guy-- >> thises '80s, sean, if you're offended, change the channel you've got to lighten up. >> sean: i don't think that nbc would do it. >> they have in the past. >> sean: no, they have not. >> i just gave you an example. >> sean: it's not relevant. >> it's not relevant?
9:22 pm
come on. >> sean: an example. >> give me another one. >> sean: four americans died september 11th 2012 in benghazi and six months later we may have the first clue of what really happened inside the consulate. coming up next, two men, one of who knew the four brave americans gives us a definitive report on what happened that tragic night and then the return of alec baldwin's temper. rumor has it the troubled actor strikes again as he reportedly unleashes, according to the new york post, a rant against a new york post photographer. the altercation was caught on tape and we're working to get that to you and we will tonight here on hannnnnnnnnn [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back.
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>> things got heated yesterday on nbc's meet the press when senator john mccain accused the obama administration of a huge coverup in regard to the benghazi terror attacks, watch this. >> there are many, many questions and we've had a massive coverup on the part of the administration. >> a massive coverup of what. susan rice says there was a lot of confusion. >> i'm asking you, do you care-- i'm asking you, do you care, i'm asking you do you care whether four americans died and the reasons for that and shouldn't people be held accountable for the fact that four americans died?
9:27 pm
>> you said there's a coverup, a coverup of what? >> a coverup-- of the information concerns the deaths of four brave americans. >> great question, do you care. and a new e-book says it could be a counter for john brennan, the cia officers. and former u.s. army ranger jack murphy and former navy seal brandon web and on the floor of our studio we projected a map of benghazi ap before this, we're going through a timeline of the events of that night. good to sigh both. >> thank you for having us. >> sean: and this is important because we're seeing that events that we don't know about could have precip kated these attacks, a good summary. >> accurate. >> sean: and start with the timeline. >> it began at 9:40 at night and initiated with rpg's
9:28 pm
hitting the consulate the temporary facility we call now the consulate. at that point the local militia guards were unarmed, they fleed, they were only armed with bats, essentially when they see the mob coming they cut and run. attackers breached the main gate and overcome the compound and at this point ambassador stevens is going into the safe room inside the consulate and dss agents are retrieving tactical gear and making a call up higher to say they're getting hit. by 10:05, what you have-- >> it i stop you there, for those who said it was in retaliation for a youtube video and a spontaneous demonstration, they had mortars, rocket propelled grenades, this was not spontaneous. >> it's not spontaneous and in tlat own report. a policeman taking pictures of the consulate with the cell phone that morning so there were people attack ahead of
9:29 pm
time. >> by 10:05. >> sean: back to the time line. >> ty woods and other response staff members from nearby annex about a half mile away were preparing to go to the consulate and rescue the state department personnel tied up there and ty woods was instrumental in putting together that rescue effort and insisting that it go forward and go in there. >> sean: now, he was told to stand down and i interviewed his father and his family. >> by-- >> and we still don't have answers to that question. >> it was actually the person who is in charge of the annex that initially said, no, it's not our job to go in there. but ty actually convinced him otherwise and to his credit, that person actually reversed course and agreed with ty. >> sean: either convinced him or disobey orders? >> i think he convinced him. >> yeah, i think, you know, ty showed a lot of initiative. he was a senior guy years in the special operations and he just said, look, knowing, being overseas and being in these conflicts before he said
9:30 pm
we need to act now to save these americans, if we don't, now and go, more people are going to die. >> sean: back to the timeline. >> by 11 p.m., the attackers had completely overrun the compound and the team, from the annex is making their way to the consulate to conduct this rescue operation. once they're at the annex, basically the attack slowly followed them back. and so, the one-- the one difference between the state department compound and the cia annex, the cia had a very heavily fortified position. they had their act together when it comes to security and throughout the night, they were sending off small attacks, and then, you know, 5 a.m., the team from tripoli comes up and it's important to-- the team from tripoli is important because here you have a group of cia operators which included glenn doherty who were trying desperately to get up to benghazi, you look
9:31 pm
at why it's important because ultimately the two j stock, special operations guys, they had the device called a rover which essentially it beams down the predator drone for the device and now they have increased situational awareness on the ground at the cia annex and they ultimately made the call, when they saw that more and more attackers were amassing outside of the gates. glenn went up to the roof, saw ty, they embraced and still engaged in the fight and got bracketed by three mortar rounds. the first one hit ty killing him. second one hit glenn and the third one injured one of the other security guards on the rooftop. just before 7:30 they made the decision, hey, we've got to get out of here, without those guys coming up from tripoli and having that rover device to get the predator footage, the decision to evacuate everyone may not have been made and they may have been
9:32 pm
overrun themselves. >> sean: then would he learn through leon panetta's testimony that he briefed the president only when it began and the president never asked for an update throughout the rest of the night. >> yeah. >> sean: these guys were underfire and we didn't send anybody to help them. now, let me get the last question in. the premise of your book, the definitive report beyond the timeline that we're going here. you claim that there were incidents that the american public had never heard about where we attacked them? >> yes. >> sean: and that we might have precipitated this and that then puts, i think, a lot more clarity on maybe why it happened and also, then it does-- there's no explanation at that point why we didn't at least abide by the request by ambassador stevens to give him more security. >> i think one of the big take aways from this the state department didn't have any visibility on the operation. didn't have the wherewithal to even know that this counterattack, that this blowback from other operations was coming and they couldn't have known. >> however, there was an
9:33 pm
escalation of terrorist attacks against american assets inside benghazi over the summer and that alone should have been enough to elevate their security. >> i think we saw the state department really not prepared in benghazi. the requests were going up the chain of command and they weren't being responded to, so the state department was in a very poor situation when it comes to security. >> sean: before the security was denied, during, no help came except for ty and the other guys and after they lied, true? >> yeah, i think there's no accountability, people are, you know, they're in this political game of musical chairs, but you know, it's important to us to really, to get the truth. i mean, our bias in this whole thing is to make sure that these heroes that represented, their story is told and if there's any bias, it's towards the truth. >> sean: thank you very much, appreciate your good work here and also, coming up tonight. >> you don't have the brains
9:34 pm
or the decency as a human being, i don't give a (bleep) that you're 12 years old or 11 years old, or that you're a child. >> sean: all right. remember the voice mail that was heard around the world, alec baldwin becomes unglued yet again. find out who the troubled actor's latest target was and why, it was allegedly caught on tape and another alec lowlight reel and dramatic video of a shootout inside a detroit business and a security guard fended off two gunman. and how was he able to do it? we'll explain the difference between life and death and hannity live follows the live hannity live follows the live show, go to "hannity" and we got onesies. sometimes miracles get messy. so we use tide free. no perfumes or dyes for her delicate skin. brad. not it. not it. just kidding. that's our tide. what's yours?
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9:39 pm
according to the new york post here is how it reportedly went down. yesterday morning new york post employees reportedly confronted baldwin outside of his apartment in new york city trying to get a comment from him about a lawsuit involving his yoga instructor wife and got testy and called the post photographer who happens to be an african-american and former nypd detective a slew of racial slurs. and quote alec baldwin called him a racial epithet. a crackhead and a drug dealer. and grabbed the reporter tamara pal mary by the arm and said i want to choke you to death. and she told the police who played an audiotape. he denies it took place and hurled a racial slur is one of the most outrageous things i've heard in my life and sources close to baldwin heard the audiotape of the incident and side with alec and say
9:40 pm
there were no racial slurs made. and joining me with reaction, tamara holder and comedian jim norton, i don't know what's happened here, he didn't say i want to choke you to death, i want you to choke to death. >> yeah. >> sean: okay, the same guy that got out of control and wouldn't turn off words with friends on a plane. the same guy that's screaming at his daughter. the same guy that has a vicious temper. i love alec baldwin because-- >> you're a comedian. >> you know why i love him, there's an honesty in the way he behaves, he's not pretending to be in a good mood when some vulture swoops in to get a reaction out of him. he talks to the tabloid press the way you should talk to the tabloid press. i love all of this phony outrage. oh, my god, he might have said something racial. it's not like he walked into a deli and started dropping racial epithets on some old lady paying with coupons. this is a guy invading his privacy yet again. >> sean: what do you mean invading his privacy. wait a minute, peace a public figure.
9:41 pm
that's not invading privacy. but your personal space over a nonstory. the press complained that he reacted inappropriately and a shark biting you and complaining-- >> i do have a problem the way he talked to his daughter. if this is true, and he used a racial epithet i have a problem with that and who makes a plane go back to the tarmac and have to get off the plane because he won't turn off words with friends. he's an ego maniac. >> i'm not saying he's not an ass and. >> sean: that's what i meant to say. >> he sometimes makes his life more miserable. the i'm tired of the press and group of reporters makes a living off being famous, understandably so, but this is the same group that stood outside of newton trying to get a better camera angle inside the school and claiming moral outrage because he said something inappropriate. >> sean: tamara, reaction? >> well, my reaction is to you
9:42 pm
of course, sean, because somehow i agree with jim today. but i like your intro. >> sean: pick on hannity day. >> of course, left wing, left wing liberal alec baldwin. this is why we're talking about this because you don't like that the guy is on the left just like you don't really like me because of my opinions. >> sean: i don't like him because. >> come on, sean. >> sean: i'll tell you why i don't like him. >> let me finish, jim was allowed a lot of time to talk. his daughter asked me to stand down. she didn't ask her father. she asked-- hang on a second. so i stood down. what am i supposed to do if a young girl asks me to stop tearing up her father, who started the war, i felt it was the right thing to do. >> but wait a second. >> sean: did he want ask her own father because he has a temper he can't control. >> that's about being an out of control, aggressive, crazy, looney man or dad. that's not about him being a left winger, come on, sean. >> sean: the politics come into play and-- >> and seasonening to the
9:43 pm
discussion. and tell you my favorite alec baldwin-- >> and a paparazzi died chasing justin bieber and-- out a window doing yoga-- >> and the guy is using a racial epithet and i'll find out when the tapes-- >> was in the way. >> sean: you're on with opie and anthony every morning tamara you go on with mancow quite a bit. >> and your show. >> sean: alec baldwin tried out for a radio show you didn't know this. >> no. >> sean: you'll love this and play it forever. alec baldwin radio talk show host, he tried to get into the business. >> when can we take some calls, ivan. >> when we want. >> and we have calls on now. >> what number do we call to get on the hair. >> it's right there. >> do i have the call number in front of me? oh, i'm so sorry. that's interesting. interesting. >> do we have any calls yet there, ivan. >> no calls, let's talk more
9:44 pm
about scientist gi, is sean hannity a scientologist? and do we have any calls, ivan? none, incredible. >> sean: and worst thing i've heard. listening to him on the radio is like watching me act. but there's something about him i like, even when i don't agree with him, he's not pretending to be in a pleasant move and attacks people behaving their vulture. >> sean: with an about the plane incident and daughter incident. that's got to bother you. >> the daughter one doesn't, because i don't have kids and-- >> thank god. >> i know i shouldn't have kids and i definitely understand want to go say horrible mean things to people, i don't have children. >> sean: you wouldn't talk to your dog like that. >> you'd be surprised. >> sean: i've watched you on your stand-up act and you're not a terrible person, but say things that would make tamara
9:45 pm
blush, right, tamara? >> no, nothing makes me blush, but he wouldn't turn off his word with friends, he actually locked himself in the lavatory, who wants to hang out in an airline lavatory. that's disgusting and pounding on the door. the guy is clearly out of his mind, but at the same time the paparazzi, the post, whom ever they need to-- >> they love the publicity and make their career and they seek it out. tamara good to see you. thank you. you're on with opie and anthony. great job on the jay leno show you're a regular. >> yeah, thank you, jay takes good care of me. >> sean: i'm a fan of his show. and coming up tonight. >> it was the difference between life and death for a security guard caught in the middle of an armed robbery and we're going to play the rest of that stunning footage and tell yu this man is alive to tell his tale. let's put it this way and an ar-15 was involved.
9:46 pm
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>> and welcome back to "hannity." while the obama administration and those on the left want to restrict the right of gun owners across the country. we have surveillance video that every american needs to see and it comes to us tonight from michigan. take a look at this video. accord to go police, a couple wielding guns entered a home
9:50 pm
tax preparation business, but little did they know that the security guard had an ar-15 on him and he was able to get off two shots forcing the intruders to flee. had the business not been armed, this could have been a very different situation. joining us now is reaction author of "at the brink" and will obama push us over the edge and more guns, less crime and you deal with the issue again in this book although it's broader. >> obviously, there's a lot of debate about guns right now and part of the legacy that obama's going to be leaving us with, not only the damage to the economy, but unfortunately maybe the damage he does to people's ability to defend themselves. >> that's true. you said, you were at university of chicago how long. >> five years. >> sean: how many times did you run into obama. >> ran into him probably about 20 times. >> sean: and can you describe the conversation to me once, i think it was the first time you met him. >> right. >> sean: he said oh, you're the gun guy. >> i went up, introduced myself and he said, oh, you're the gun guy.
9:51 pm
and i said, yeah, i guess so. and he said, i don't believe people should be able to own guns. >> sean: people should not be able to own guns. >> right. i'd heard that he'd been working with the suit against the gun makers that the city of chicago had and the joint foundation and maybe get together to have lunch and talk about it and he kind of wrinkled his face and turned around and walked away and that was the end of our first conversation. and to be honest, the way most of our conversations went. very short, and he -- as soon as we started talking he'd turn around and walk away. wouldn't shake hands. you know, i'm used to having a lot of academics who disagree with me on lots of things, but being an academic people usually like arguing or talking about it and the thing that really stuck out to me about barack, he didn't seem to enjoy talking to people particularly who disagreed with him and it's not that he disagreed with me, i got the impression that he thought i was somehow evil for having the views that i did on guns.
9:52 pm
>> sean: you take a broader context, people know you for the gun issue here, but it's deeper than that as relates to obama. what are you trying to convey? >> well, i think we're having a lot of damage done to the country not only in terms of health care, but in terms of the economy. i mean, we have public debt about $200,000 per he family of four right now, federal debt. you have, in a situation where we have huge increases in government spending, big debt and the only thing we've gotten out of it and i think it's definitely caused by much slower growth and weaker employment growth. >> sean: and how do you relate this to the person you had met 20, and university of chicago. >> i think he's a true believer, i think's somebody who really believe in left wing type things and i think his goal is it to change the united states. i don't think he -- you know, there was a question during the 2008 campaign, which i think it was charlie gibson asked him about capital gains
9:53 pm
taxes and whether or not he'd be in favor of increasing them, even if it would reduce the revenue and he said-- it's that goal other than outcome of raising money and accomplishing the things most people think you get out of taxes, you kind of punish or take away money from both groups of people that motivates them. >> everyone that argues on the left about gun, says well if you have a gun in your house more likely to be used against you and your family. you debunk that lie? >> there are lots of problems with it. the thing that bothers me most, it endangered people's lives to make them scared unnecessarily of guns. there are guns done by public health researchers, what they'll do is they'll look at a city and find people who died in or near homes and they'll ask people, was a gun owned in the home and then you'll assume if you died from a gunshot and the gun owned there, when people have gone back and looked at that, of the 144 homicides they had
9:54 pm
only eight were due to the gun in the home and the other-- >> by the perpetrators. >> right, but they were being blamed. the research blamed the gun outside the home. i mean, in the home for the death from outside. >> sean: great new book. thank you. >> thank you. >> sean: good to see you. coming up next my next guest wrote the book that turned d.c. upsidedown. the author follows the ground the author follows the ground breaking alright, bring the model in on the set! work the camera... work it! those hands. oooh la la! what's your secret? dawn? [ female announcer ] dawn hand renewal with olay beauty improves the look and feel of hands in 5 uses. love it, or get double your money back.
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9:59 pm
and i sat down with her earlier. the book is awesome, how are you? good to see you. your last book was unbelievable. and coolidge was reagan's favorite president, a lot of people don't know that and you think he's way underrated for a lot of reasons, why? >> he should be at the top and he's in the bottom half usually. put him way up the at the top and one issue for us today. we think a lot about budget, nobody could cut the budget? >> he cut the budget. >> projected increases he cut real numbers. >> he cut it 66 months in office or 67 when he left, it was lower than when he came in. >> wow. >> and is that not unimaginable? >> there are liberals on the left want to blame coolidge for the depression. >> there are those to blame. the stock market went from 100,


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